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Download the Unreal Tournament Demo
The demo features single and multiplayer deathmatch and CTF on three different levels.

Macintosh UT Demo 348

Available from: Mac Gamer's Ledge, 3DGamers

Macintosh UT Demo 348m4 Patch

Available from: Westlake Interactive (this patch updates any previous version of the demo to the most recent build).

Linux UT Demo 348

Available from: File Planet, 3DGamers

Win32 UT Demo 348

Full Installer (53 MB)

Patch to update previous versions (8.9 MB)


Server Browsers
In addition to the in-game browser, there are others available which offer more advanced server filtering.

Win32 Server Browsers

Linux Files
To use the retail version of Unreal Tournament on a Linux based system, you'll need to download these files.

Available from: File Planet
, 3DGamers

Tips & Workarounds

On UT Direct3D Problems
Epic's official Unreal Tournament site has been updated with information on a problem that causes some users with recent 3D cards to experience lower frame rates in the retail version than in the latest demo. The cause could be that the UT installer failed to recognize Direct3D as a rendering option and the game runs in software mode instead, and the update gives instructions on how to enable Direct3D as yet, and mentions a few other performance tips, too.

On Linux UT Problems
Epic's Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart updated his .plan again with more common problems with the Linux version of Unreal Tournament, as well as word that a new installer could be released as soon as this evening. Here's the update:

I'm working on an updated Linux installer now that will fix all known installer problems. Here is a brief synopsis of each problem and the solution:

Problem: Installer says "This installation doesn't support glibc-2.1"

Solution: Install libxml and libglade.

Problem: UnrealTournament quits with the message "Can't find file for package WinDrv" or something similar.

Solution: Make Default.ini writable and then untar the file LinuxGlideSystem.tar.gz in your UnrealTournament directory. Delete UnrealTournament.ini and then run UnrealTournament.

Both of these are related to sloppy oversights on my part. Please spread the word about these. I hope to have the updated installer out tonight. The problems above are fixed, but I want to try and include an optimized light merging function as well.

The Mesa renderer works under Mesa-Glide. All that's left to do is work out some windowing issues with standard Mesa.

DGA mouse input is in and working, but DGA support is broken under the 3dfx X server. I'm talking to a few people to find workarounds for the 3dfx X server DGA problem, if there is any.

On Unreal Tournament Map Sizes  
Epic's Cliff Bleszinski updated his .plan with a concern regarding the maximum number of players per map in many Unreal Tournament servers. Here's the scoop:

Something is really distressing me when I browse the server list in Ubrowser in UT. Many server admins think that just because a map shipped with the game that it is ok for dozens of players to play at once.

Deathmatch maps like "Fractal," "Oblivion," and "Stalwart" are TINY and are meant for one on one, no more. When you run a server with a 32 player limit and add these maps to your cycle list you're just ruining the play experience for those who are trying to find a good local server.

CTF maps like "Niven" are meant for 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 CTF, nothing more. They're not even in the default map list, this is for a REASON!

So, please, don't cycle these maps unless you're keeping your max players very low.


Unreal Tournament Server Warning  
The Unreal and Unreal Tournament Technology page has posted a warning about running full-version servers with the demo .INI files. Here's the deal:

Server administrators - please do not run full version of UT with the .ini files from the demo version. It causes everyone to have a messed up skin. To fix this problem without replacing your .ini files, make sure the [Engine.GameEngine] section of the .ini has the following ServerPackages lines:


Unreal Tournament Trouble
Now that Unreal Tournament is about to arrive in stores, GT Interactive has posted their usual Troubleshooting FAQ for the game, covering installation, possible error messages and lockups, video, sound and controller issues, and more.

Unreal Maps in Unreal Tournament  
Epic's Stephen Polge updated the Unreal Technology Page with details on how to use Unreal maps in Unreal Tournament. Here's the scoop:

Unreal I content is automatically replaced by Unreal Tournament content if you run an Unreal I DM map with one of the Unreal Tournament gametypes. However, we recommend that you manually replace the Unreal I inventory items in your level with their UT equivalents and release an updated version of the map. Otherwise, both the Unreal I and UT versions will be loaded on the content, which will cause swapping on clients with low amounts of memory.

"Why doesn't UT detect my video card?"
Due to a strange error in the installer, UT may tell you that your only option is to run the game using the software renderer. Don't panic, your hardware's just fine - just hit "show all devices" and select "Direct3D". It should work just peachy.