Phantom Lapboard Update

A few recent updates to the Phantom Entertainment Blog describe drama at this company that at one time was promising a game-changing console system (thanks Mike Martinez). Apparently trading of their stock has been temporarily suspended by the SEC due to delinquent filings, and for a while they were actually accepting donations, but this has changed, and they are now refunding donations to make sure they don't run afoul of the SEC again. These updates come from the man who took over as CEO in July of 2008, who gives a perspective on the company's previous way of "doing business" (make air quotes when you say that), and what to expect going forward:
Since the Infinium days nothing was produced…only the HOPE and PROMISE of a product. Millions of dollars spent on theory and well….who knows what that management did. They were getting paid convalouted amounts of money, and well it was what it was.

Let’s push pin that in at 2002 just for a time frame.

I became the new CEO in July of 2008. With barely any money and a four person staff working on faith alone, the Lapboard will be available in July 2009 ( currently crossing the atlantic )