The Bohemia Interactive Forums announce the release of a new version 1.02 build 58134 patch for ARMA II (thanks I Love Slippery Jim), even though a version 1.02 patch was already released a week ago for the military shooter sequel (which seems to defy the whole concept behind version numbers). As described here, the new patch is to implement full support for anti-aliasing:
* our main reason to release an updated 1.02 version is newly implemented full support for anti-aliasing in this build that we believe increases visual quality significantly without any major performance impact

* this patch is compatible with all previously released versions (1.00, 1.01 and 1.02)

* all versions 1.02 remain compatible in multiplayer and also savegames from various versions 1.02 are compatible so the transition process to this updated version 1.02, build 58134 should be as seamless as possible for all users