Out of the Blue

Well, I accomplished my birdfeeder project over the weekend but it was perfect timing to mention it and the whole squirrel situation yesterday, as all day I got to experience the impact of rodents on a feeder. First I found the feeder on the ground, as even though I installed a swivel, a screwed together part came unscrewed. I replaced it (and all the spilled feed), and a little later it happened again. Hmmm. I fixed it again, and made sure these parts were screwed together tighter, so next time I checked, the ring that holds the top in place was still hanging, and the feeder was again on the ground, so clearly the squirrels have already learned right is tight and left is loose, as they were deliberately unscrewing it. I tightened that screw further, and the feeder has stayed in place since, but I have seen a (chubby) squirrel working on it again a couple of times already. I had a conversation with him this morning about not knocking the feeder over, but I'm not sure he understood.

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