Battlestations: Pacific Map Pack This Month

Eidos Interactive announces details on the Volcano Map Pack for Battlestations: Pacific that will be released on Xbox LIVE on Thursday and for Games for Windows LIVE on June 25. There's a trailer from the map pack on Gamer's Hell, and here's the announcement, which calls this the first in a series of map packs:
Eidos Interactive Ltd, creator of some of the world’s leading videogame properties, today announced the first in a series of downloadable content packs for Battlestations: Pacific™, the Volcano Map Pack.

Featuring two new maps for multiplayer, the Volcano Map Pack takes the critically acclaimed online naval warfare to the next level. Larger, more expansive areas of operations are populated with all new terrain, inspired by some of the more dramatic features of the south Pacific archipelagos, encouraging players to up their game with all new strategy and tactics.

‘Volcano’, playable in Island Capture, Competitive and Duel modes, features a stunning backdrop of Hawaiian-style volcanic islands at dawn break. Island Capture mode offers players an all-new island formation to master with many huge land-based artillery batteries to capture and control; Competitive mode focuses on intense air combat as players either attack or defend a squadron of B-29 bombers intent on crushing the Japanese island occupation; and Duel mode offers players a unique battlefield unseen in Battlestations: Pacific – a partially submerged volcano.

In ‘Choke Point’, playable in Escort, Siege and Duel modes, players are offered a challenging and distinctive map which offers up its own unique blend of action and strategy. A narrow channel running through two stunning volcanic outcrops offers players a more action-oriented battlefield, all under the shadow of a huge volcano. Escort mode sees the USS Yorktown run the gauntlet with both air and sea attacks against its naval fleet; in Siege mode, the US ground forces have to disembark at the base of the volcano, their goal to capture the Japanese outpost; and Duel mode pits players to all out warfare in a head-to-head battle around the mighty volcano.

“Battlestations: Pacific offers a unique multiplayer experience and we wanted to create a map pack which would offer players a unique take on this,” said Lee Singleton, General Manager of Eidos Game Studios. “The Volcano Map Pack does just that, bringing an unforgettable backdrop to some of the grandest naval battles the world has ever seen.”

The Volcano Map Pack will be priced at 560 points and available to download on Marketplace from June 11th, 2009, for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and from June 25th, 2009, for Games for Windows LIVE®. Battlestations: Pacific is rated ESRB “T” for Teen in North America and PEGI 12+ in Europe.