German site PC Games reports on bugginess in the German edition of ARMA II, Bohemia Interactive Studios' military shooter sequel slated for release in that country tomorrow. Word is a patch is being readied for release tomorrow along with the release, and here is what Bohemia Interactive CEO Marek Spanel says about the situation:
We realize that the campaign maybe doesn't stand to your expectations but we hope that all the improvements made for the first patch will already make it much closer to what you hoped it will be initially. I just played German version 1.00 today to try some of the situations you mentioned enjoyed it despite I found a problem here or there. I'm personally not humiliated by my team mates sometimes fighting better than I do, and if something goes wrong or unexpected this game is so complex that often there is a way to find another solution of your current mission. Also, what is quite unusual is that some things happen completely differently every time I try a mission. I think the bugs do not kill the open nature of the game and that sheer scope, amount of content or beautiful country of Chernarus will more than compensate for these issues.