Cities XL MMO Details

Monte Cristo has released new Cities XL Details outlining subscription fees and other details about the persistent aspects of the upcoming urban planning game. The monthly fees are in Euros: one month is 7€, three months are 5€/month, and six months are 4.5€/month. Finances aside, here's a bit on persistent gameplay:
Multiplayer gameplay both in-game and on the web:

    • Trade resources with other players to develop economic strategies, specialise your cities, maximise your possibilities in a global economy
    • Work cooperatively to build Mega Structures – special buildings that enhance your city aesthetically and economically
    • Web-based city management -- check your trade contracts, receive alerts, adjust your decisions from any computer in the world

Persistent MMO world:

    • Each player receives five slots to build five persistent cities on different Planets
    • Contribute to the life and statistics of the Planets (economics, population, pollution…): what you do has an impact on the world

Community features and animations in-game and on the web:

    • Visit one another’s cities, see other players’ creations and content, chat with other players     • Create and participate in online events, discover virtual cities and real people