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Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad

The Tripwire Interactive Forum has an official statement from the developer about the revelation of Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad in the new issues of PC Gamer Magazine in the US and UK. This has left them scrambling, as they hadn't planned on announcing another installment in their World War II shooter series until after the release of The Killing Floor. They also ask for cooperation as they attempt to squeeze this toothpaste back into the tube, which always works out just perfectly:

Ok, here is the official statement on the game for now. Yes there is an article about our new UE3 game Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad in the UK and US PC Gamer magazines. Frankly, we're more than a bit surprised at the timing of the release of the article. To put it quite bluntly we thought this would hit after the release of Killing Floor. As such we'll be doing a bit of a scramble to get our PR efforts in order while we are in the middle of getting another game ready to ship.

I know many of you have been waiting a very long time for this news, and I am very happy that we can finally confirm what we've been working on these past three years. RO:HOS (as we call it) is real, its using UE3, and its awesome Just bear with us while we recover from this unexpected announcement and in the immortal words of Battlestar Galactica - all will be revealed.

For now, we're not going to say anything else about the game. We'll let the article speak for itself. As Alan mentioned please don't post scans of the article on this forum. Additionally, please don't post quotes of text from the article on these forums. Our proper PR effort will begin in earnest soon, so you'll get more from us on that in the coming days.

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