On PC Battlefield 1943

Message to the PC Gamer(s) Following BF1943's Development on the EA Forums follows-up on the reaction to news that the PC edition of Battlefield 1943 will trail the console versions by a couple of months. The post by DICE's Gordon Van Dyke reassures PC gamers that "this is to give us the proper development time to create a proper PC version of Battlefield 1943 and not a console port. To the contrary of some less informed fans out there this is in no means an intentional ploy to punish our PC fans. And is in fact quite the opposite, we want to make the best damn PC version we can for our PC fans!" He refers to PCs "requiring additional features, support, technical consideration, and can't just be thrown out there using copy/paste." On that topic, Planet Battlefield (thanks Ant) relates a translation of a Swedish interview revealing that DICE is considering dropping some console features for the PC editions, taking a hard look at regenerating health, regenerating ammo, and the 24-player limit for multiplayer games.