Jack Thompson Writes Obama

Jack Thompson Asks Obama For Nationwide Ban On "Killer Games" reproduces a letter from disbarred but unbowed anti-gaming zealot Jack Thompson, addressed to United States President Barack Obama. The letter references the recent school shooting in Germany and, taking a page from the playbook of fellow fanatic David Grossman, repeatedly makes use of the phrase "murder simulator." He also outlines highlights of his ten-year campaign combating violent video games that began after his attempts to blame society's ills on rap music began falling on deaf ears. After a decade of effort, he has finally concluded the only solution is to ban violent games altogether:
I conclude by asking you, one father to another, to take the bold moves necessary to get these murder simulators out of America. We have more guns than people in this country. We are training our teens to be Manchurian Candidates to use them and to author what will be more Columbines, more Virginia Techs, and more shattered communities.