Marvel MMOGs

VentureBeat has word that startup Gazillion Entertainment has made a deal to launch series of online games with Marvel Comics characters. This brings to mind Marvel Universe Online, the game Marvel and Cryptic Studios announced in 2006 that was cancelled early last year, but the first project is a decidedly less hardcore game based on Super Hero Squad planned for a 2010 release based on a kids show to debut on the Cartoon Network in the fall. Their license covers 10 years, however, and there are plans for more serious offerngs going forward, as outlined in a conversation on Big Download where Gazillion CEO Rober Hutter says: "Marvel thought this would be a great casual MMO to enter the market place and focus on the mass market before thinking hard about bringing the big Marvel Universe MMO to PC and consoles over the next few years. As we started working with them, we started attacking the casual MMO audience, the conversations quickly broadened and this deal came about."