Stormrise Vista/DirectX 10 Only

The Artem Kulakov interview on PC Games Hardware excerpts some quotes from an interview with the lead designer on Stormrise, SEGA's real-time strategy game that will be released for PCs later this month. The focus of these quotes is how the game will be a DirectX 10 exclusive, with Artem saying Stormrise was designed for DirectX 10 and Vista from the ground up, and that "Integrating DX10.1 was an opportunity to increase performance and improve visual quality even further." He explains why:
DX10 has offered a lot of advantages over DX9. First of all, DirectX 10 allowed us to simplify the rendering engine. It matches capabilities of next generation consoles better than DX9, which is important for us considering that Stormrise is a multi-platform title. We had fewer driver-specific compatibility issues with Stormrise compare to our previous games released with DX9.