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Mortal Kombat Sale Follow-up

Edge Online has follow-up to reports earlier today that Midway has large bonuses set aside as incentives for selling off Mortal Kombat to another company, and that ex-employees are not being accrued paid/personal time. Geoff Mogilner, Midway's head of investor relations, tells them "We're not going out of our way to sell Mortal Kombat," though he admits there's as much as $3.3 million in bonuses to be had for a deal that will sell the franchise or allow them to continue to develop it. His response to the paid time off issue is more curious: "It's just a matter of the timing of things. ... It's a ridiculous assertion that we're taking money from former employees and filling the pockets [of execs]. The amount of the [paid time off] was much lower than the amount of money that we're paying these key employees that are working so hard to get us through this bankruptcy process." Oh, and then there's this: Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon's $1 million bonus.