Mortal Kombat Sale, Ex-Midway Staff Suffer

Kotaku reports that Midway is so eager to capitalize on its remaining assets that it has set aside $3.75 million for bonuses to be paid to Midway upper management if certain goals are met in selling them off. They state that court documents how almost a half-million dollars in perks were picked up through the deal with Ubisoft for Wheelman, and that selling off Mortal Kombat is an important enough priority that it is listed in these documents twice. The disturbing additional aspect to this story come from the internal letters they reproduce indicating that fired Midway employees will now only receive as much compensation for accrued paid/personal time off as is decided by the courts under Chapter 11 proceedings, after initially indicating such PTO would be paid in full. They say this is mandated by the bankruptcy filing, which came all of three days after promising payment of PTO for severed employees.