New Spore Plans

EA doubles down on the Spore franchise with a series of new 2009 spin-offs outlines the next steps for the Spore franchise, which include more details on the new Spore Galactic Adventures expansion pack, and word on plans for a new game for youngsters called Spore Creature Keeper. They also have aspirations for a Wii game called Spore Creature Heroes and a Spore game for the DS. Here's word on Galactic Adventures: "If you don’t like these so-called Planet Adventures, or if you play them until you get tired of them, you can create your own adventures using what EA calls an Adventure Creator. You can use that tool to essentially script out your own adventure. Bradshaw says many of these ideas came from fans, who have uploaded more than 65 million creatures and other creations to the Sporepedia. With the Adventure Creator, you can pretty much give a make-over to the planet using a drag-and-drop interface and dictate what happens on it." Also, VideoGamer reports that Maxis had plans to create a story-based expansion, a plan that changed based on user feedback: "The original idea, I can't go into detail but it was more of a fiction that gets layered over all of the games. Every game had a little bit of a layer, some added fiction on top. But the assets just kept coming in, and the community feedback and the critics feedback was just, 'More gameplay, more to do'." Also, Big Download Blog has some quotes from EA Maxis about the new projects.