Experience Lives

The Whole Experience, Inc makes the surprising revelation that they've revived Experience, the science fiction first-person shooter they first announced a decade ago. We have three new screenshots from the game, which is set on a planet called Dagoth Moor, where you are the Quagmire, the planetary custodian. They will be revealing more soon, but in the meantime, here is the basic plot: "One massive Exod plant was discovered by the Seers of the Renmus tribe. This plant was different than anything they had ever seen before and it was moved into the safety of their cave. For nearly a generation the plant continued to grow there in the Seers home cavern. The elder Seer had heard of an old prophecy claiming that in a time of need at the end of the world a stranger would come and restore balance to the planet. There inside the massive Exod plant your body has finally grown and it is time to fulfill that prophecy."