On PC Patches

The Call of Duty Website has a post from Treyarch community manager JD_2020 on the process for creating a patch for a major PC game like Call of Duty: World at War. Responding to complaints about the wait for a new version of the World War II shooter, he explains the complications and testing that drag this process out for months. He also touches on console patching, turning conventional wisdom on its head by saying it is consoles that are suited to quick hotfix style patches, but there is no centralized service for hot fixes on the PC: "You may have also seen posts in the forums regarding 'hot fixes' (more specifically, in the console forums only). There is presently no infrastructure for us to release Call of Duty: World at War 'hot fixes' to the PC community, as is possible with the consoles. There is no overarching service for the PC version like PSN or Xbox LIVE to make this possible. Thus, any hotfixes you see a console receiving must wait to be included in the full PC patch. " Thanks Kotaku.