Team Fortress Classic Release Date Changes

Jenni from Valve sent along an updated schedule for the Team Fortress Classic releases, which was to include the public release tomorrow, but will now be pushed back a week. Here's the detail:
Here's an update on our TFC release schedule:

- The release of Team Fortress Classic (which is part of our Half-Life v. update) to the general public, originally scheduled for tomorrow (Friday, Mar. 26), has been delayed a week (to Friday, Apr. 2) so that we can fix a few bugs and have time to test the fixes.

- The LAN Party release, originally scheduled for Wednesday of this week, should go out tomorrow afternoon (Friday, Mar. 26).

- We plan to release the server software to a variety of game sites (for download) mid-next week so that those of you hosting dedicated servers can download it and get your servers up and running before the general release on Friday. (We'll send out a list of participating game sites next week.)