On Mass Effect 2

This Game Developers Conference 2009 Listing basically confirms plans for Mass Effect 2, an anticipated, but unannounced sequel to BioWare's RPG. The listing is for a session titled "The Iterative Level Design Process of Bioware's MASS EFFECT 2," conducted by BioWare's Corey Andruko and Dusty Everman. Though the listing doesn't have any details about the game, it does provide an insight into BioWare's efforts at developing a more efficient level design process: "This session examines the BioWare Mass Effect team’s new level-creation process, which is focused on maximizing iteration for quality while minimizing rework and cost. This approach to building levels strives to integrate the Design, Art, and Production teams such that the highest-risk level-creation issues are addressed early in the development cycle. Lessons learned from Mass Effect lead to a detailed description of the new level-creation process, and graphical examples of a level illustrate its progression through the necessary phases. The discussion also examines how BioWare is currently implementing this process using elements of Scrum and Lean Development." Thanks VideoGamer.com.