CCP May be Forced from Iceland

Icelanders' struggle to survive after banking collapse on The Guardian has a look at the impact of the current economic crisis on businesses in Iceland, a country where the economy has been particularly impacted. Word is CCP may be forced to move against its wishes: "On three shiny floors of a former fish factory is CCP, a company best known in computer gaming for Eve Online, which has 300,000 participants all over the world - as many inhabitants as Iceland itself. However, restrictions on access to foreign currency for individuals and businesses and on foreign investment into Iceland are making life difficult. "To make new games, we need foreign investors," says Eyjolfur Gudmundsson, formerly an assistant professor at the University of Akureyri, who supervises Eve's virtual economy. "The present currency restrictions are putting us in a straitjacket. We are in talks with the government, but if we can't let capital in, we might be compelled to leave Iceland, even though this would be against our wishes." Thanks Massively.