More EA/SecuROM Lawsuits

GamePolitics reports on two different class-action lawsuits filed against Electronic Arts last month in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California over EA's use of SecuROM digital rights management. One suit (Adobe Acrobat-format) was filed by Richard Eldridge of Pennsylvania over the inclusion of SecuROM in the Spore Creature Creator Free Trial Edition, complaining SecuROM cannot be completely uninstalled, and that the EULA for the product contained no warnings about DRM. The other suit (Adobe Acrobat-format) is from Dianna Cortez of Missouri, a player of The Sims who claims SecuROM caused problems that could not be fixed without reformatting her system, accusing EA of "unfair business practices." These are the second and third such legal action of which we've heard, as a federal lawsuit filed in September also complained of the stealthy manner in which SecuROM is installed.