American McGee's Game Pitch

American McGee’s Blog outlines plans for BaiJiu Racer, a game proposal from McGee's Spicy Horse Productions and its Chinese publishing partner ICEE that they've decided to pitch over the internet to solicit western publishers (ICEE is "locked in" to publishing the game in China). The game is described as an "MMO-lite racing game concept with China as the core theme," that hopes to fill the dream of a "'Mario Cart' or 'KartRider' killer." There is a piece of concept art with the pitch and more in the expatriate American's Flickr Account and a concept video on his YouTube Channel. Here's a bit on the game and its eastern focus: "For one, it’s the first Chinese cart racing game developed with an authentic and original Chinese art style, set in real-world locations, and featuring some of the funkiest racing vehicle designs the world has ever seen (inspiration coming from actual Chinese vehicles). We’re focusing on semi-realistic (and fun) physics-based racing dynamic, going light on the power-ups, and throwing in a lot of visual action."