Mythic on The Old Republic

WAR State of the Game Interview with Mark Jacobs, Part Two on Ten Ton Hammer concludes a conversation with Mythic's Mark Jacobs about Warhammer Online and related topics. The conversation took place prior to the official announcement of Star Wars: The Old Republic (story), but Mark welcomed the game with open arms: "I obviously know what the title is - and have known for quite awhile. You've got a great bunch of guys working on this title. My respect for Bioware runs VERY deep. I've said this before in a number of interviews that they are absolutely one of the premiere developers in the industry. I have also gotten to know Ray and Greg better since they've been a part of EA and my respect for them has only grown. I think that given their expertise and talent - and all the guys that are involved with it, whether they're in the North or South studio - I think the game is going to be a good thing no matter what they announce it as being. In this industry, we need more successful games. The more successes we can have, the more the industry will expand. It doesn't matter whether it's a fantasy, sci-fi, horror, or whatever they are, we need more successful titles period. I really look forward to what they're working on."