Crysis Warhead DRM FAQ

There's now a Crysis Warhead Copy Protection FAQ on the Crymod Modding Portal addressing concerns over the digital rights management in Crysis Warhead, Crytek's just-released shooter (story). The document outlines the reasoning for the copy protection, advantages this system provides (you do not need the disc in the drive to play), states that the game will only authenticate itself online the first time it is launched or after "significant changes" to your system, and clarifies that the game can be authorized on five different computers, rather than the three previously reported. It also states that Crysis Wars, the game's multiplayer mode, does not have an authorization limit, but does require a one-time online activation. The FAQ begins with a statement from Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli, that reads in part: "We realize that copy protection and piracy is a very emotional and hotly debated topic. It is very hard to find a solution that fits both our needs. We need to make an effort to limit piracy but we do not want to limit the experience of our fans."