Crysis Warhead In Stores - Limited Installs & Online Authentication

As announced Tuesday (story), Crysis Warhead should be hitting store shelves today, and as announced yesterday (story), Crytek's first-person shooter sequel is also now available via Steam. On a related note, GameXtract has a screenshot of the EULA that indicates Crysis Warhead allows a limited number of installations, a controversial feature of other recent EA releases (thanks Confirmation of this can be found in an article on the game on PCGH offering hardware benchmarks and other details about the game. Among those details is a confirmation of this DRM feature, saying the game can be activated up to three times. The EULA in the screenshot on GameXtract actually says "The first end user of this License can install and authenticate CRYSIS WARHEAD on a set number of machines." The implication there seems to be this license is non-transferrable. That screenshot also says "CRYTEK reserves the right to periodically validate Your License through subsequent online authentication."