The Witcher: Versus Premium Content Plans

The Witcher: Versus will soon add premium content to this browser-based game based on CD Projekt RED's RPG The Witcher. Sales of premium content will support continued development of the game, though they are quick to point out: "Future changes in The Witcher: Versus will not focus on premium content only, and will serve to make the free-to-play game even more enticing; leagues, tournaments, challenges, a full-featured RPG world and much more will begin to find their way into The Witcher: Versus in the later part of the year." Back to the premium content, word is: "Premium content will be added gradually; the first premium access package will contain new features intended to ease account and character management; they include a rucksack for items that are not currently equipped, a history of fights against a certain player (for ultimate bragging rights), as well as a private duels archive. The designers will reveal additional details over the next few months."