id: Rage May not Support Mods

Gamasutra reports that the upcoming driving action game Rage may not support user-modifications, long a hallmark of id Software releases. The topic came up in a Q&A following Tim Willits' talk at the Austin Game Developers Conference (story) in answer to a user question. The id creative director reaffirms the company's belief in user mods, pointing out he owes his own career to game modding, but says that the horsepower required to process the megatextures used in the game may make full user modifications impractical. He does say he envisions users being able to create smaller modular mods that could be slotted into the game's existing structure. On a semi-related note, during this year's QuakeCon keynote, id technical director John Carmack revealed that their upcoming online shooter Quake Live will not support modifications either (story), albeit for completely different reasons.