Mythic's EA Comments Follow-up

Eurogamer has a follow-up from Mythic's Mark Jacobs, who backpedals from Paul Barnett's comment that EA knows "nothing about launching MMOs in Europe, unless it's spending lots of money closing them down I suppose" (story). Mark points out they already had a deal for European distribution of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning with GOA before they were acquired by EA, so this was not a case of choosing to avoid using EA for this. He chalks Paul's comments up to his well-known sarcastic sense of humor and irreverence, and says, "What Paul said about EA not knowing anything about launching MMOs: you know, Paul likes to exaggerate - of course EA knows things about launching MMOs. EA is responsible, certainly, for one of the most important MMOs of all time, and that was Ultima [Online]." This is excerpted from a larger interview with Jacobs discussing the game's impending launch, saying that so far their early access program has hit no snags, and has had no game crashes and no individual server crashes.