Spore DRM Post of the Day

MTV Multiplayer contacted Electronic Arts to follow up on four major complaints about the SecuROM digital rights management in Spore; that it is limited to installation on three computers, that the DRM has some sort of spyware functionality, that only one Spore account can be created in spite of the manual saying otherwise, and the need for authentication every time online features are used leaves users vulnerable if those services are ever shut down. EA once again categorically states that Spore contains no spyware or malware (though they've found virus-infected copies on torrents) and repeats the explanation that manual was in error about being able to create multiple accounts (story). They also promise to patch the game to eliminate online authentication if they ever take the authentication servers offline and state they plan to release a patch in the "near future" to allow a game installations to be de-authorized so authorizations can be freed up to install the game on other machines. Perhaps most interesting are the questions that went unanswered, as EA declined to comment on their view of the legitimacy of these complaints about the DRM and if the DRM being handled differently for Red Alert 3 (story) signals their policies are shifting on this issue.