Rumor: Valve & Google?

The INQUIRER cites "well placed sources" saying Google is going to be buying Valve "any second now." This is speculation from a site that specializes in such, but Edge Online has picked up the story from them, so this will spread. According to INQ's well placed source the crux of such a deal would be Google's lust for Valve's Steam as a mature content delivery service. It was just last month that Gabe Newell said Valve said Valve is approached "a couple of times a week" by potential acquirers or investors but they are "super-happy" as an independent (story). We've contacted Valve for comment, but it's still before dawn on the west coast. Update: The story has also been picked up by MCV, who also report Google refuses to rule out Valve takeover, though actually they simply refused to comment on the rumor.