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Mythic on EA's EU MMO Launches

Warhammer Online's Paul Barnett Interview on Eurogamer speaks with Mythic's outspoken creative director in another conversation about the impending launch of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Their sister site pulls a noteworthy quote as Paul reflects on the rocky launch of the MMORPG's European beta test (story). In spite of GOA's difficulties with beta sign-ups, Paul heaps praise on them, saying they were a logical choice because they have European experience, while skewering his corporate overlords at Electronic Arts: "EA couldn't have done it, what the hell would EA know about it? They know nothing about launching MMOs in Europe, unless it's spending lots of money closing them down I suppose." Eurogamer also highlights a comment by Paul, as he is predicting WAR will have a million subscribers after a year, and will eventually have three million users.