Dead Space as Middleware - Zero G Movie

Gameplayer has an article about the potential to power other games with the engine behind Dead Space, which is an update of the tech behind the Godfather game that has been refined over the past two-plus years by the team behind the upcoming sci-fi horror game. This engine is also being used for the upcoming Godfather II, and they quote executive producer Glen Schofield saying that lawyers are currently working through the process of renaming the engine to pave the way for its debut as a middleware product. Thanks Videogaming247. There's also a new Dead Space diary movie showing off some zero-gravity action from the game and collecting thoughts from the team on zero-G gameplay (including a science-bending comment about learning how much various body parts "weigh" in zero gravity). Grab your Dramamine and head over to ActionTrip, FileFront, and Gamer's Hell to view the clip.