Stardock's Fantasy/Strategy Plans

The Stardock Interview Part 2 on Shacknews talks further with Brad Wardell of Stardock about how his PAX experience and about games, including Gas Powered Games' Demigod and Stardock's upcoming fantasy-themed strategy game, which Wardell says may be formally announced in November: "We're going to be formally announcing it--the team promises me in November, which means I can't promise that. But it's a turn-based fantasy strategy game. It's essentially--imagine Civilization with magic, in terms of general, broad play style. I mean, it's a lot more than that, because I'm a Civ fanatic--no pun intended, great site--but there's a really good mod for Civilization IV that lets you do magic and stuff. Obviously it's a lot more than just Civ with magic."