Wright's Spore Hype

Spore - changing the game is a BBC article talking with Maxis about Spore, getting Will Wright to overcome his aversion to hype, quoting the designer as saying: "Spore will change the way people look at games forever and change hopefully the perception people have of their own creativity." It's that creativity that is the focus of the article, as they talk more about creature creation, and the role players have in furthering the content of the game going forward. They also touch on ambitions for Spore as a brand, once again mentioning the possibility that this will eventually be another label for EA, like Wright's The Sims. Also, Behind the prototyping of 'Spore' on CNET looks at the role of prototyping in the development of the game. In another Spore related note, we want to follow-up on yesterday's Spore shipping news (story) by clearly stating the game's North American release will be this Sunday, September 7, a simple date that was posted incorrectly here at first, and was still wrong even after a first attempt at correcting the error. Apologies for the confusion. Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.