OpenGL 3.0 Specs Released, Unhappiness Ensues

Khronos Releases OpenGL 3.0 Specifications has the specs for the next iteration of the OpenGL API. According to the post about this on Slashdot (thanks Mike Martinez), this has spurred negative reactions from developers who had been promised major changes which have not materialized. They point the way to discontented forum threads like this one and this one and to a summary on GameDev.Net that says that developers were promised version 3.0 but the spec seems more like version 2.2, recalling a comment by John Carmack from QuakeCon 2008 that suggests the new spec has been built to maintain compatibility with existing CAD applications. This all has spurred widespread speculation that this ends what is left of the API war, with the comment on GameDev.Net saying: "I'd like to congratulate MS for winning the 3D API 'war' on Windows, turns out they didn't need to sink the goodship OpenGL, the captains ran it into an iceberg for them."