Myst Online to Live Again

GameTap gives Myst Online back to Cyan. Cyan says it's opening the game to fan development (thanks Mike Martinez) has word that GameTap has surrendered the rights to Myst Online: Uru Live back to Cyan Worlds after closing their revival of the MMO Myst game (story). Though Cyan's attempts to run the game also met with failure years ago (story), word is they are prepared to give it a go once more, offering users the chance to create their own content for the game for a minimal subscription fee ($25 for six months is the example provided). No money changed hands as part of the deal, but if the revival is commercially successful, GameTap will receive some compensation. Kotaku contacted GameTap's Rick Sanchez, who denies that GameTap is in trouble, saying this is to benefit the game's fans: "It’s just the right thing to do, giving Cyan and the fans the opportunity to continue to enjoy this rich universe that has become a second home to many of its inhabitants."