The Byron Report Released

The Byron Report (Adobe Acrobat) is now available (complete with crayon cover art), offering the results of a study ordered by the British government on "Safer Children in a Digital World." BBC News summarizes the report in text and an accompany video, outlining some of the outcome, which includes a recommendation that the British BBFC system for rating games be overhauled, among other things, to increase the scope of the games it evaluates beyond those that simply display "human sexual activity" or "gross violence," which is the current standard. Reactions are online from the ELSPA and Spong has the response from the BBFC. Here's a bit from the BBC summary:
Carried out by psychologist Dr Tanya Byron, it says more games need to be rated by official bodies.

It calls for the creation of a UK body to draw up and oversee a national strategy to keep children safe online.

It also recommends that new PCs be sold with software that will help prevent children seeing harmful online content.