More on the State of PC Gaming

Valve Explains Why PC Gaming's Gaining Steam is a Gamasutra Q&A with Valve's Doug Lombardi, who posits that PC gaming is not as troubled as some recent indications have some believing, in part because revenue generated from services like Steam, things like WoW subscriptions, and more casual games are not included in most evaluations of the marketplace: "If you took Steam, Peggle, PopCap, WoW and mixed it with NPD numbers, the world looks a lot different. All of a sudden, it looks like PC's probably the biggest one, and year over year, the fastest-growing." In contrast, Midway Prepping Casual Portal, U.S. PC Market 'Softening', also on Gamasutra, reflects Midway's feelings that the PC market in the US is softening, though the PAL market is still strong (some of the comments from Valve mention their perspective is global, not just for North America). As a result Midway, who just announced a loss of $100 million for last year, say they will be producing more casual console games going forward, and are also preparing to open a casual games web portal "in the near future."