Red Baron Returns

Stainless Games announces the release of Red Baron, a World War I aerial combat game developed by Stainless Games. Red Baron is also the title of a beloved game following a similar theme released by Dynamix in 1990 (thanks Gamer's Hell). Another unusual aspect of this game is that it is only being sold through Wal-Mart. A PS3 version is in the works, and here's word on the PC edition:
Red Baron returns to PC with intense dogfighting capable of supporting up to 8 players online.

Red Baron is an engaging arcade flight-shooter set in World War I where the player battles numerous enemies in a vast array of levels. Dogfight against intense computer AI in single player or wage war against 7 other aspiring "Aces" online. Take to the skies and rise through the ranks to ultimately become the "Ace" in Red Baron's squadron.

Features Include:

        • Dogfight in 21 highly detailed World War I Aircraft

        • Conquer all 24 challenging Single Player Missions

        • Engage up to 8 Players in Online Multiplayer in three modes: Deathmatch, Team-Deathmatch and Capture the Flag

        • Experience World War I air-war intensity through next-gen graphics