Gold - Lost Empire: Immortals

Paradox Interactive announces that Lost Empire: Immortals is gold, and the 4X space strategy follow up from Pollux Gamelabs will be available on the Ides of March. Some screenshots accompany the announcement, which is reproduced here in glorious yellow text:
New York, USA (February 28, 2008) From the depths of the cosmos Paradox Interactive heralds the imminent release of the universally vast 4x strategy title - Lost Empire: Immortals. The second incarnation from Danish Studios – Pollux Gamelabs can be found colonising retail stores throughout the quadrant, from start March 15.

The title has been rated "Everyone" by ESRB and 7+ by PEGI and suggested retail price is set to USD 29.99/EUR 29.99.

In Lost Empire: Immortals, take your race to the stars and into the unexplored depths of the universe. Discover the long forgotten history of the mysterious Aeons and pillage the ruined sites of their civilisation for powerful technology. Discover and colonise planets, research and upgrade technology, make allies among your stellar neighbours or conquer those to weak to stand in your way. Will you dominate or be destroyed?


        • Colossal Galactic Map consisting of 5000+ star systems
        • Lead one of 6 major races to stellar domination
        • Encounter 28 unique minor races with their own agendas and motives
        • Open-ended gameplay and alternative victory conditions provide phenomenal longevity
        • Wage war in space or planetside displayed in the new 3D rendered dual warfare system
        • Research a vast multi-nodal tree of 150+ technologies split into 11 categories
        • Customisable ship design and construction
        • Assignable leaders to boost all aspects of the empire including warmongering, production, research and diplomacy
        • Reducing player micromanagement through a revamped sleek interface