Fragged - Whew!

FPS players feel better after dying than after killing others, say researchers (thanks Ant and Boing Boing) summarizes the results of a study in the February issue of the journal Emotion showing that the reaction to players who are killed in first-person shooter games tend to experience feelings of relief, rather than anger, and conversely, players experience "anxiety, anger, or both" from earning a kill, rather than feeling joyous. Another interesting tidbit from the study includes that while players "who tested higher for psychoticism (based on a pre-trial psychoticism questionnaire) experienced less anxiety from killing enemies," the participants in the study "showed no signs of desensitization over the course of multiple play sessions." We take all these bits of research with a large grain of salt whether they show positive or negative trends about gaming, and the results of this study are described as tentative too boot, but it is always interesting when man bits dog, and the outcome of a study contradicts intuition and/or the results of other research.