Morning Q&As

  • PC Gaming Alliance
    Can These Men Save PC Gaming? on Tom's Games (thanks BeyondUnreal) offers a Q&A with Epic's Mark Rein on the new PC Gaming Alliance (story). Along the way Rein responds to CliffyB's negativity about PC gaming by jokingly calling his colleague an idiot.
  • The Club
    Ben Ward addresses The Club on Play.TM is a Q&A about Bizarre Creations third-person action shooter, discussing the departure from the racing genre, the game's sporting elements, gunplay, characters, locations, environments, and more.
  • Brothers in Arms
    The Kristin Price Q&A on WomenGamers.Com talks with this associate producer on the Brothers in Arms series. Topics include her personal background and work in the industry, as well as a bit about the game.
  • Ensemble
    There's also a very brief Q&A on HeavenGames talking with an unnamed member of Ensemble Studios about future game, learning they are prototyping a game at the moment, while probing for details about future sequels.