C&C Shooter Revealed?

A post on VideoGamesBlogger reports that Tiberium, not Renegade 2, is the title of the rumored (story) new shooter set in the Command & Conquer universe (thanks Mike Martinez and Joystiq). The report is based on a coming print issue of Game Informer magazine, and says the game is in the works at EALA, and is due for release late next year. There's a similar report in Czech on Hratelně.centrum.cz that includes screenshots as well as a Video from the game (though I can't get this to run, and the English blog says it's been yoinked by EA). They offer a brief write-up based on the print article outlining some of the game's units for this "squad-based action first-person-shooter game… described as Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter meets Battlefield meets Rainbow Six Vegas, but instead set in the C&C Universe." Update: That video is posted here (thanks Tiscali Games), but is said to be pretty old.