Big Daddy Replacements

The Cult of Rapture has word on the replacement program for the fragile Big Daddy figurines with the BioShock Limited Edition, including word that some folks will not have to send in their broken big daddies:
Earlier this morning I sent out an email blast to enrolled customers who received a broken Big Daddy figurine with their BioShock Limited Edition detailing the status of the replacement program. Since then, customer service has gotten many emails about the program, so I thought it would be best to lay out all the requirements for the public!

Customers who enrolled in our replacement program between August 25th and November 12th will not have to ship back their broken Big Daddies to us. We figure you had waited long enough for your replacements, so within the next two weeks, we’ll begin shipping out both the new Big Daddies and the artbooks in the same package to you. Keep your first Big Daddy – super glue him back together, or stage him next to your new Big Daddy as if they were in an epic battle.

And for more details about the program beyond what I have announced, so here’s a quick FAQ that I think will solve most people’s remaining questions.

Read the BioShock Figurine Replacement Program FAQ.