Crysis Beta Info - Updated

inCrysis offers an update from Crytek about the Crysis multiplayer beta, clarifying why the first round of testing was not announced, and that when testing is opened up further, no paid subscriptions will be required (see update). Update: It has been pointed out that the way this is worded makes it possible that paid subscriptions may still be required for subsequent rounds of testing:
Missing public announcement

As many of you may have recognized, there was no public announcement from either EA or Crytek regarding the Crysis MP Beta. The reason for this was that this batch 1 of the Beta is an internal test only and is not the actual start. The official Beta for Fileplanet subscribers is almost ready and there will be a huge global announcement with lots of information included. Additionally this announcement is just the beginning of an upcoming community focus – so expect a lot more information in form of screenshots, videos, reports, events and much more to be ready for you!

Batch 1 - Friends & Family internal test

Quite a few of you wonder why you haven’t had any chance to sign-up for the first batch of the Beta. This was due to this first batch being available for a pre-selected group only. The members of this group are people who have been invited by EA and/or Crytek to join the Beta program of Crysis. There has been a very limited number of available keys for them. Additionally Fileplanet gave a few of their Founder’s Club Members the chance to sign-up for this event as well.

This is our final test to verify the stability before the initial Beta begins. It is an important test for EA and Crytek since we can see how everything works under real life conditions. This internal test is not directly related to the rest of the Beta. Therefore we did not plan to official announce it.

Payment required to access the Beta? No!

We have read a lot of posts about people who mentioned that you need to pay additional money to be able to join the Beta. Just let me get this straight – this is definitely not the case. When you have a subscriber account you will be able to sign-up for one of the upcoming batches.

The payment many of you have been discussing about was related to the Founder’s Club membership of Fileplanet which was needed to get one of the very few places in the first batch. Founder’s Club membership is not necessary to take part in the upcoming batches.