Out of the Blue

Well, my access to the internet seems to be back in order, and I imagine that some repair people burned some midnight oil, which is appreciated. I wish I could say I appreciate Verizon's phone support as well, but being outsourced to someone who speaks English just well enough to be able to read the script in front of them, but unable to really converse is a little frustrating. At one point during a pause I asked her: "Are you aware I keep asking questions, but you don't respond?" Her silence was the perfect confirmation of the point. Her supervisor was more knowledgeable, which gave him just enough insight to completely misdiagnose my problem, claiming that because he saw a strong connection on my end, I must need "new drivers for my router" (yes, that's really what he said). I give him credit for following-up, however, as he actually called this morning to inform me that the problem was on Verizon's end, something I had long ago concluded. Humorously, he said the problem was persisting, and he would call me when its fixed, so when there was a problem on their end, he insisted there wasn't one, and now we have the reverse.

Meanwhile, the steam pipe explosion in Manhattan yesterday made MrsBlue's commute home a several hour nightmare, and we had a fireworks show that freaked out my poor Hudson the wonder dog. So, basically the only resident of the BlueTower who didn't have a rough day yesterday was the Gunnar-man, but every day is a good day for Gunnar.

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