SOE Acquires Sigil

Official: SOE Acquires Sigil has news that the other shoe has dropped on Sigil Games Online (story) with word that Sony Online Entertainment has acquired the developer of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, the troubled MMORPG. While about 50 have been laid off, SOE will employ about 50 former Sigil employees, and Brad McQuaid will serve as a consultant in what will now be SOE's Carlsbad offices, while Dave Gilbertson will assume day-to-day responsibilities for running both the offices and the game. SOE promises to support the game for years to come, and no major changes to the game are planned, though they will spend a lot of time cleaning up issues with the game and improving its performance. They also plan on opening the game's forums to expand communication with the game's player base. There are Q&As discussing these developments on Next Generation and WarCry. There is also a follow-up on this on FiringSquad, where they've learned an additional aspect of this move is that Sigil cofounder Jeff Butler is moving to SOE's offices to work on an undisclosed MMO project with a team of five.