Warren Spector Q&A

PC Zone votes Deus Ex the best PC game ever, which includes quotes from Warren Spector, who offers insights into what it was like to be part of ION Storm during its stormy run: "Working for Ion Storm was a best of times/worst of times situation. The guys in Dallas were shouting 'suck it down,' to the world (both figuratively and literally) and their high profile allowed the Austin office, where DX was made, to fly under the radar of our funding/publishing partner, Eidos. But I'd be lying if I said we didn't suffer some psychic pain every time some magazine would publish all of our emails or some writer would talk about the marble inlaid floors, the ship parties for games that wouldn't ship for years or an ad would appear threatening to make someone someone's bitch. And, as great as it was working with Eidos most of the time back then, you don't want to know how many times I was pressured to 'just make a shooter...'"