FASA Rumor & Follow-up

The Official Shadowrun Community Forum has a post from a user claiming to have knowledge of plans to close the developer of Shadowrun shortly (thanks Xbox 360 Fanboy and Slashdot). The users bona fides are questioned by the other forum members, and a subsequent post by Kimona, FASA lead program manager suggests that there are changes afoot that are part of the usual conclusion of a project, but the studio is not closing:
Shadowrun will be shipping soon. It's been a long three years for many on the team. I'm certain that some folks will be leaving us to do other things after we ship. That's normal, and it's healthy, too. As for our contingent staff here, they're just that - contingent. They have a maximum amount of time they can work here before taking a mandatory break. Many of them are complete star performers, but when the job's done, they move on, and the job's almost done.

The personal attacks on team members are inappropriate. We're locking this thread accordingly.