Morning Q&As

  • Savage 2: A Tortured Soul
    The Savage 2: A Tortured Soul Q&A on Strategy Informer talks with Marc DeForest of S2 Games about their coming action/strategy hybrid: "We plan to update Savage 2 with our seamless patching software with new maps, balance tweaks, and some new content here and there to keep things fresh. We really take the stand that this game is an eSport that creates an awesome competitive environment. With the use of all of our automated clan, ladder, tournament, league, and statistical systems we think Savage 2 can become the definitive competitive online sport."
  • Dark Age of Camelot
    Camelot's Ongoing Campaign on Ten Ton Hammer is a Q&A with Walt Yarbrough of EA/Mythic about plans to roll out a new Dark Age of Camelot campaign over the coming months: "Correct, it's kind of a hot potato sort of game. You go out into the Frontiers where you're running around with one specific relic that makes you and your group more powerful. So as you fight people, eventually someone will kill you and they pick up the relic and their group is more powerful. To get them in the first place, you have to go into the Labyrinth, complete an encounter, break the seals, and then you've got that Minotaur relic that you can take into RvR."
  • War Rock
    RPG Vault's War Rock Q&A chats up Theresa Cho about K2 Games' online first-person shooter: "As an MMO player myself, I think that the draw in War Rock is that in many ways, it is an MMO. Players maintain persistent characters that earn ranks and better armament, join guilds (clans), and participate in a factional war, which will become more important as the game expands. And with the content patches, we bring in new items, weapons and maps that continue to expand the world of War Rock."
  • Red 5
    Coming In from the Cold: An Interview with Red 5 CEO Mark Kern on discuses Red 5's upcoming MMORPG: "Benchmark and Sierra are basically allowing us to build our infrastructure, and I mean that in two ways: One is from a technology perspective, where we're building a reasonable client server platform, and then the other is in terms of creatively, where we're building, hopefully, one of the top studios with the best talent in the industry to build on-line entertainment."
  • Sam & Max
    The Gamers With Jobs Conference Call Episode Seventeen includes an interview with Dan Connors of Telltale games, who sheds some light on coming episodes in their Sam & Max series.
  • Virtual Goods
    SOE's Station Exchange - The Results of a Year of Trading is a Q&A with SOE about their Station Exchange service: "I'm interested in shining the light of day on this subject. It's real. It's a Billion Dollar industry worldwide and we as game makers need to seriously work to handle it in-game. There is rampant farming in these games (yes, ours included). I believe we should work to include some element of this in some games, but do a better job of cracking down on it in a big way. I have personally had it affect my gameplay and I think it's very negative. Our goal for getting this information out there is to show exactly what's going on so everyone understands. With this kind of money involved, it's not going away. I strongly believe in the idea of separate servers to allow people that want to engage in this sort of activity to do it."